Project: Cupid made In-The-Hoop

cupid poseable doll in diaper

Project: Cupid Doll made in-the-hoop

The Cupid doll Project is made with your embroidery machine in the hoop with a combination of designs listed at the bottom of this page.

Cupid was designed as a Valentine’s doll but works any day of the year. This face style has outline stitches for the eyes, then uses fabric markers to color in the whites and iris so you can customize the look.

As with all the cloth characters – you can add a wire armature to make it pose like a wired puppet, or leave out that step.

Read down below to see all the materials and how they were used to make this Cupid doll in the hoop of your embroidery machine.

Photo Gallery

A few photos of Cupid in different poses. The wired armature makes this doll able to take almost any pose.

Tools & Materials

Tools UsedMaterials Needed
Embroidery machine with 5×7 hoop or largerskin-tone cotton jersey for the body and head
white stretch knit for his diaper
Hemostats for turning small parts like earsfelt for the wings
(optional) felt to make flowers or purchased flowers
sharp fabric scissorsmohair or teeswater locks for the hair
small embroidery or applique scissorsembroidery & bobbin threads in your choice of colors
doll needle for hand sewing OR fabric gluestrong thread for hand sewing OR fabric glue
no-show mesh stabilizer for body & head
tear-away or soluble stabilizer for hands and coat
(optional) paint pens or fabric markets/paints for eyes
(optional) wire cutters and pliers if adding wire armature(optional) thick and thin armature wire to make it poseable

Instructions Checklist

  • Make the Billy Body, the Caregiver head with human ears, and the faux-feathered wings according to their directions and assemble the doll. The sample uses a wire armature which is optional.
  • The wings can be glued or hand stitched to the back.
  • If you want to color the eyes on the Caregiver face – You can use a white paint pen to make the eyes white, and a fabric marker or other fabric-safe paint to color the iris of the eye.
  • Glue a few mohair locks to the top of the head.
  • Cut a triangle of white stretch fabric big enough to go around Cupids waist. Create a diaper and pin in place. It’s OK if it’s loose and baggy. I suspect Cupid prefers some breathing room.
  • Make or purchase some fabric roses and add to the head and ankles if you desire. (Roses in photo are pink felt die cut with a sizzix die, but any small flower works great – check the scrapbook section of the craft store for small flower embellishments) OR you can create a triangle shaped hat by folding a piece of fabric and stitching a seam up one side. These elf-style hats are very easy to make in different sizes on your sewing machine from leftover fabric scraps.

These In-the-Hoop patterns were used to make this project:

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