Doll Fabric from A Child’s Dream

This is my favorite fabric for creating dolls and projects needing “skin” colors!   100% cotton and comes in 5 different skin tones.  This is a 2-way stretch fabric with mild stretch in one direction.

Ballyhoo Creations doesn’t sell or ship this product.  The link is simply in our shop as a convenience so you can easily find this fabric.  This is the stuff recommended for most of the Ballyhoo dolls and it’s wonderful stuff.

The link goes to which is where I buy my fabric.  There are other good sellers for this cotton jersey.  You can search the internet for “doll skin jersey” and find other sellers.

I’m aware of 3 brands that make this fabric if you want to search for more info.  All are praised by dollmakers.

  • De Witte Engel
  • Laib Yala
  • Weir Craft