Video Series for Making Dolls, Plushies, and Puppets

Whether you’re brand new to this hobby or you’ve been doing it for years, I’ve put together a series of videos to help you out. These videos share everything I know about making characters out of cloth. You’ll find a ton of tips and techniques for making cloth dolls, puppets, plushies, softies, or any kind of stuffed animal whether it’s for art or for play.

Want a list of links to all the Fabrics mentioned in the video? Here it is: Fabrics for Dolls & Puppets

If you’re looking for links on where to locate or buy all the nifty tools, check the Tools for Dolls & Puppets page.

Get a free download of stitch diagrams
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In The Hoop
Tips & Tricks

video coming soon!

more doll hair videos

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Puppet Arms
& Arm Rods

video coming soon!

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