FREE Video Series for Making Dolls, Plushies, and Puppets

Whether you’re brand new to this hobby or you’ve been doing it for years, I’ve put together a series of videos to help you out. These videos share everything I know about making characters out of cloth. You’ll find a ton of tips and techniques for making cloth dolls, puppets, plushies, softies, or any kind of stuffed animal whether it’s for art or for play.

Fabric Choices for dolls, puppets, Plushies & stuffies: jersey, faux fur, minky and more

Want a list of links to all the Fabrics mentioned in the video? Here it is: Fabrics for Dolls & Puppets

Tools for doll & puppet makers

If you’re looking for links on where to locate or buy all the nifty tools, check the Tools for Dolls & Puppets page.

how to turn dolls, plushes and puppets right side out – tips and techniques

How to stuff dolls and plushies – tools, tips and techniques

Five Easy Hand Stitches for making quality dolls, puppets and plushies

Get a free download of stitch diagrams

Jointing cloth dolls, puppets and plushies 3 ways: plastic, cotter pin, and button joints

Make Wire Armatures to pose any cloth doll or DIY stop-motion puppet

How to Make Hair for Your Cloth Dolls

more doll hair videos

Easy Options to Make Puppet Arms, Hands, and Arm Rods

These Videos are Still in the Making…

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