a selection of sample dolls made with Ballyhoo patterns is shown in neutral colors, including puppets, gnomes, wired dolls, a bunny and a Yeti
Ballyhoo Creations specializes in dolls, plushies, and puppets you can make in-the-hoop (ITH) of your embroidery machine. Imagine making a doll or puppet in an afternoon. Whether You’re A Beginner Or A Pro – You’re In The Right Place. Check out Our High quality designs, instructions, and video tutorials. We’ll turn you into an expert Dollmaker in no time.

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Hi! I’m Luci.

Great to meet you! Who am I? I used to be an engineer, but these days I engineer dolls & puppets to be stitched by your embroidery machine. Teaching you how to get your money’s worth out of your embroidery machine is something I love to do.

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Learn to Hand Stitch a Sock Gnomes
three gnomes with curly beards sewn from the sock gnome online class.
Beginner Machine Embroidery

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Start and Finish a Doll or Puppet in Less than a Day

Need a creative spark? Browse through the project gallery and get inspired! All of these dolls and puppets can be made using designs and patterns from Ballyhoo Creations. Click any project to see which patterns and materials were used.

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