The Gal Behind the Ballyhoo…


Hey Folks! My name is Luci and I’m the one-woman-show at Ballyhoo Creations where I design dolls and other cloth characters for sewing or embroidery machines.   It is truly a joy for me to design fun characters and share them with you.

a photo of Luci

Here’s some funny things you might want to know about me:

  • I’ve been making dolls and soft toys as a hobby since the late 1980s.  It was very trendy back then.
  • My first embroidery machine was purchased around 2005.  You had to put a design card in the machine because USB wasn’t a thing yet.
  • In 2009 I began digitizing dolls for my embroidery machine because nobody else was doing it.  It was just a hobby for me at that time.  I’m still using Embird digitizing software to this day.
  • I spent 15 years in the tech industry as an engineer,  project manager and customer service expert.  I mostly worked on wireless communications like cell phones & wireless internet.
  • Writing technical manuals was good prep for writing sewing tutorials but nothing prepared me for video tutorials – video is so much harder.
  • I love Sci-Fi conventions and Rennaissance fairs.  And costumes.
  • I was a huge NeRd before it was cool.  And also, I love science.
  • Oklahoma City is where I was born and where I live now, but I spent nearly 20 years in the Chicago/Southern Wisconsin area and still visit friends there.
  • I love animals, even when they mess up my house.
  • Both DuhBe and Ballyhoo Bath were handcrafted businesses I created starting in 2009.  I love the handmade world!
  • Creating cloth characters has carried me through some rough times.  Now I hope my designs can do the same for others.  

Want to support my creative journey while fostering your own?

For only 99 cents per month you can support my work and get early access to YouTube videos, plus a members-only free doll design. You can check that out at CF Fans to see my current membership offerings.

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