The Gal Behind the Ballyhoo…

Hey Folks! My name is Luci and I’m the one-woman-show at Ballyhoo Creations where I design dolls and other cloth characters for sewing or embroidery machines.   It is truly a joy for me to design fun characters and share them with you.

Here’s some funny things you might want to know about me:

  • I’ve been making dolls and soft toys as a hobby since the late 1980s.  It was very trendy back then and I’m working to make it trendy again.
  • My first Embroidery Machine around 2005 was a Viking Husqvarna Rose. Wish I still had it.
  • In 2009 I began digitizing dolls and tiny doll clothes for my embroidery machine because nobody else was doing it.  It was just a hobby for me at that time. 
  • I spent 15 years in the tech industry as an engineer,  tech writer, project manager and customer service expert.  I mostly worked on wireless communications like cell phones & wireless internet. Machines are my friends.
  • I love Sci-Fi conventions and Rennaissance fairs.  And costumes.
  • I was a huge NeRd before it was cool.  And also, I love science.
  • Oklahoma City is where I was born and where I live now, but I spent nearly 20 years in the Chicago/Southern Wisconsin area and still visit friends there.
  • I love animals, even when they mess up my house.
  • Both DuhBe and Ballyhoo Bath were handcrafted businesses I created starting in 2009.  I love the handmade world!
  • There is a magic in dollmaking that other crafts do not offer and making dolls has carried me through some rough times.  Now I hope my designs can do the same for others.