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CREW emails

Nothing tricky here, just a simple trade. You give me your email and I give you free stuff? Why? Because I’m hoping you’ll love the freebies and the fun newsletter so much, you’ll want to come back and buy more digital designs. I promise not to do anything spammy or gross with your email address and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Oh no! I’ll miss you but you’ve got 2 options. Scroll to the bottom of an email you got from Ballyhoo and click the “unsubscribe” at the bottom. You can also go to this webpage and unsub from there…


I’m a generous gal and love giving away my work, but I’ve got to make a little money or I can’t afford to do this anymore. Even the freebies are a way for me to build an audience of people who like my style. If you share a file, then they may never find all the fun at So please send your friends to this site and have them join the CREW to access all the freebies themselves.

Machine Embroidery – Common Issues

The honest answer is…it depends. Machine embroidery designs with lots of satin or fill stitches don’t resize very well so most suppliers of embroidery designs will tell you not to resize designs with your machine or separate software. I agree with that.

BUT if you’re stitching a face design from Ballyhoo which are mostly outline stitches without any filled-in areas, or an in-the-hoop design that is just seams, those typically can be resized bigger or smaller by 20% with no issues. The stitch length will change and if you make them too small, your needles might not be able to stitch through dense stitches. But 20% is usually safe. You never know until you try. Always test first before you embroider on your expensive stuff!

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