All embroidery design files and digital patterns are copyright Ballyhoo Creations 2020. By purchasing these digital products you agree to the following:

  1. You (the customer) CAN NOT share, loan, rent or sell these Ballyhoo digital files with anyone, even if you obtained it from Ballyhoo for free. (Why? Read the FAQ for more info)
  2. You CAN make a backup copy for your own file security as long as nobody else uses your copy.
  3. You CAN (and I hope you do!) embroider or sew projects with these files and sell those finished goods as long as it’s less than 500 units per design. This is the Ballyhoo way of promoting small handmade business. You may sell your finished projects at places like craft fairs, online marketplaces (Etsy, etc), your own website, or brick and mortar stores as long as the item count per purchased design is less than 500 items. This limit of 500 applies to all things you make with the design. For example: 20 dolls + 300 shirts + 180 baby bibs = 500 units
  4. Of course you CAN stitch projects for yourself or others as long as it doesn’t exceed the 500 units mentioned above. This includes gifts and charity donations.
  5. You CAN NOT use any part of Ballyhoo designs or patterns in your own digital products for sale or any other form of distribution. This means you may not sell, trade or share your own version of Ballyhoo artwork as embroidery files, graphic design files, files used in electronic cutting machines and any other sort of digital file in future technologies. You are allowed to create your own digital files for personal use, such as a digital cutting file for an embroidery design.

During the checkout process, you are required to check a box agreeing to these licensing terms BEFORE paying for the designs and patterns on this site.  Therefore this agreement is legally binding.


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