Project: Gnomes and Where to Find Materials for them

gnome materials list

If you haven’t noticed the popularity of Gnomes – you must be living under a rock. Because these cuties are everywhere!

I was recently asked to provide sources of materials for those making gnomes. So all my secrets for gnome fabrics and fur are below.

You can make gnomes out of socks for a quick project, or for custom gnomes made from your choice of fabrics, check out my sewing pattern below. The feet are what make this pattern unique to Ballyhoo Creations!

If you’re looking for in-depth instructions on making gnomes like these, I have two video classes:

3 DIY sock gnomes
Skillshare Class: Handstitching Sock Gnomes. Get a free trial of SkillShare Classes with my Teachers Link.

3 gnomes sewing pattern
Creative Fabrica Class: Sewing Pattern and Sock Gnomes – including feet

Photo Gallery

Hover over the gnome pictures below to see which materials were used. Then find shopping links in the table under the photos.

grey or pink curly Mongolian fur – was purchased at Joanne fabrics but they no longer show it on their websitecotton jersey in 5 skin tones lovely fabric to work with, but not as stretchy as camisoles
grey frost curly fur
I bought this from a local fabric store – but it’s on Amazon too
ladies camisole for “skin” fabric is super stretchy and can usually be found is a few skin tones.
black fleck Mongolian fur – purchased at a local fabric store – but might still be available from local or online fabric shops – especially around HalloweenFleece comes in so many colors and is easy to glue or hand stitch.
Lux fleece has more “furry” pile and more shine than regular fleece for a more luxurious gnome.
fur blankets, pillows, or throwsMinky similar to lux fleece but often has textures like dots, stripes or swirls – has a baby-ish look to it because it’s used in infant blankets and such.
small amounts of fur from Etsy – look for gnome beards or baby photography props. Baby Maddie Prop Shop is a favorite
socks- any sock. I’m going to assume everyone knows where to buy socks, but don’t forget the dollar store for bargains.
You might get lucky and find faux fur at thrift shops. Look at vests, jackets, scarves, pillows and throws.recycled garments – thrift stores or your own closet are a great place to find high-quality fabrics that look great when turned into gnomes. You can usually find skin-tone camisoles for gnome noses.
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