Project: Headless Horseman doll

headless horseman ITH doll
headless horseman pumpkin head doll

Project: Headless Horesman Doll Made In-The-Hoop

The Headless Horseman is a bit more involved than some other in-the-hoop dolls, but he’s well worth the afternoon spent making him.

This pumpkin-headed dude looks great at Halloween.

Photo Gallery

These are the designs that make up the Headless Horseman doll. They can be purchased at the bottom of this page.



  • skin-tone cotton jersey for the hands
  • white stretch knit for his shirt
  • black stretch knit for his pants
  • orange fabric for head, and a scrap of green or brown for stem
  • felt for the coat
  • (optional) a scrap of lace for cravat at neck
  • faux fur for the hair
  • embroidery & bobbin threads in your choice of colors
  • strong thread for hand sewing OR fabric glue
  • no-show mesh stabilizer for body
  • cut-away stabilizer for head
  • tear-away or soluble stabilizer for hands and coat
  • (optional) thick and thin armature wire to make it poseable

Instructions Checklist

  • Make the Skylar body, the pumpkin head, the hands, and the coat according to the directions for each of those designs included in their downloads.
  • Insert an armature into the doll, and use pipe cleaners to wire the hands. Attach the hand wires to the arm wire using electrical tape.
  • BIG TIP – if your doll will be wearing a coat like this one, you can cut off the arms of the Skylar body to make the wiring easier. Just attach the hands to the bare arm wire, then when you slip on the coat – nobody will know you “cheated.”
  • For the neck cravat – use a small piece of lace and gather with a few hand stitches, then tack-stitch it to the dolls neck.
  • Pop the head onto the neck stem and add the coat. Then pose your Headless Horseman doll into a menacing pose. He looks good holding his pumpkin head in his hands too.

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