Project: Yab Puppet in Pink Fur

pink furry puppet

This full-sized pink furry puppet can be made in-the-hoop of your embroidery machine.

No modifications were made to the Yab pattern to make this little guy – just use pink Mongolian faux fur and pink fleece for the arms.

Read on for all the materials used!

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Tools & Materials

Tools UsedMaterials Needed
Any sized embroidery machinehead/body – pink Mongolian fur (I bought mine at JoAnn but they don’t have it anymore. You can still find it on Etsy
Arms – pink fleece fabric – this one was a DollarTree pink baby blanket.
Hemostats for turning small parts and for stuffingMouth – black fleece; Eyes – white stretch knit fabric
sharp fabric scissorsTongue, nose & eyelids – pink knit fabric (from an old sweater)
small embroidery or applique scissorsFiberfill for head “brain” pillow
doll needle for hand sewing OR fabric glueDollar Tree foam hair curlers to “stuff” the arms
(optional) wire cutters and pliers if adding wire armaturearmature wire for hands
plastic balloon stake for arm rod (found at Dollar Tree)
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Instructions Checklist

  • Make the puppet according to the design instructions using the materials listed above. NOTE: This puppet’s nose is smaller than the nose pattern with the Yab puppet pattern. About 2/3 the size.
  • Trim the fur on the front of the face (around the eyes, nose, mouth, and chin)
  • (optional) create wired armatures for the hands and insert the wire hand into the stitched puppet hands, then make a loop in the tail of the hand wire and insert it into the plastic balloon stake. Make the wire loop fat enough so it fits tightly into the balloon stake so the hand won’t come loose. Check out the Video for puppet arms in the Doll & Puppet Video series.
  • And that’s it! An adorable pink furry puppet! (not gonna lie, he’s my favorite so far, I’ve named him Beasley)

These In-the-Hoop patterns were used to make this project:

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