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  • sewn ragdoll example

    Ragdoll PDF Sewing Pattern


    Easy to sew Ragdoll Pattern is a great project for beginners to learn the wonderful art of dollmaking.  The doll is perfectly sized for gift giving.  Customize this pattern with any face or hair you prefer, or use the included face template and yarn hair instructions.

  • ITH bunny head doll design

    Bunny Head Add-on


    Fluffy bunny head fits all the cloth character bodies.  Because Bunnies with human bodies are fun.

    Includes rabbit ears with stitched design, as well as head and face with optional applique nose.

    Looks great on fluffy fabrics like fleece, or light pile fur, but any fabric can be used with this design.

  • Faux Feathered Wings Add-On


    Add faux-feathered wings to your cloth character or other projects.

    Quick and easy to make with one sheet of felt in one hooping.

  • Hands add-on for Cloth Characters


    Add hands to your 11″ Ballyhoo cloth character doll! These hands have little fingers that can be wired with pipe cleaners and posed in any position.  See below for details and skill level…