Hands add-on for Cloth Characters

$4.00 $2.40

Create hands for your Ballyhoo Cloth Character dolls!  These can be wired and shaped into poses.

  • Take your cloth character dolls to the next level with these articulated hands.
  • Each finger can be wired and posed as you please.  You can even add magnets to help your cloth character hold items or grab onto things for endless poses.
  • People will be amazed at your art doll skills!
  • Easily stitched out in the hoop using stretchy fabric.  Then you cut out, turn and stuff/wire each hand,  then attach to the doll.

All designs are digital downloads for embroidery machines.  Files will be available immediately after purchase on a download page.

What’s included with this design?

    • Hands in-the-hoop design files to fit small, medium and large cloth characters
    • Instructions with color photos
    • Design details including full size templates & patterns

Skill level: INTERMEDIATE to ADVANCED – due to fussy cutting of small parts, and turning of tiny tubes (basically requires small hemostats and a bit of practice.  Ambitious beginners should not be afraid!  The video tutorial can help put you on the right track!  This in-the-hoop design is much easier than stitching doll hands on a regular sewing machine.)

Be sure to check the tabs above for more info like Instructions, Supplies, and Specs!

Hoop Sizes


Tools & Materials


• Embroidery machine with 4×4” hoop or larger
• Sharp fabric scissors for cutting small details
• Hemostats or another tool for turning and stuffing the doll hands
• Wire cutters for pipe cleaners


• Light to medium Stretch jersey fabric is required for these hands. For all sizes but
especially the small hands, Lycra® fabrics are suggested. Using other types of fabric
can result in hands that are impossible to turn, or fingers that have holes in them
(known as blow-outs)
• Embroidery thread to match your fabric
• lightweight cutaway stabilizer or soluble film stabilizer can also be used.
• Pipe cleaners/chenille stems to wire and stuff the fingers
• Electrical tape to attach hand wires to doll arms

• Needle and Thread, or fabric glue for attaching hands to doll


Instructions & Videos

If you are new to dollmaking OR find any of the steps confusing, be sure to check out
the Ballyhoo Dollmaker Video Series. It includes free videos for stitching, turning,
stuffing and more!  The video on turning tiny parts is especially useful for these hands.