Thread Racks just got better – Thread Valet review

I was having problems with my wooden thread rack. It wouldn’t fit all my different sizes of thread spools and cones. So I installed four Thread Valet thread organizers from Montana Quliting Company. My thread cones and spools of all sizes fit on these in an organized way. The threads look so pretty on these white thread racks!

Watch the video review below. In the video, I show how easy it is to assemble and install these modular thread racks. And I talk about what I liked and didn’t like about them. Overall, I love them. My wall of thread looks so clean and organized.

I put up four racks. Each one can hold 48 spools or cones. That means I’ve got room for 192 different threads in a space that is smaller than my old wooden racks used.

The modular design of the Thread Valet makes it simple to add more racks as your thread collection grows. In the photo above, I’ve got two racks installed vertically. Then on the other side of the room where my Serger is, I’ve got 2 more racks installed side-by-side holding Serger cones and more Embroidery and Sewing threads.

If you decide you want to buy the Thread Valet for your sewing space, they can be found at Montana Quilting Company. Use coupon code iLuvLuci for 10% off your thread racks. It was very generous of them to share a discount with us, and I want to thank Tim (the maker of the Thread Valet) for sending me some racks to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

Summary of what I liked and disliked:

I’m a little concerned-

  • You need to hold the rack together when installing it to make sure it doesn’t come apart. But once it’s screwed into the wall, it’s solid.
  • The plastic had some static that attracted fur and lint from my table. I’m not sure this is still a problem now that the thread racks are on the wall. If it becomes an issue I’ll update this review. Or maybe I’ll sew a pretty fabric cover using the dowel rod they provided.

What I loved about these thread racks:

  • The white color matches the decor in my sewing studio
  • The spacing and size of the pegs allow me to store small spools, big 5000m cones, or any size of thread in-between. (this is why I love it, other thread racks won’t fit all the different spools)
  • It’s modular, so you can install 1 or 20 and they line up nicely.
  • It was easy to assemble and install with good instructions and hardware included.

I hope you found this review helpful. I’ve become a fan of the Thread Valet and want to spread the word. You can buy them online or look for them in quilt shops. If you buy online, don’t forget the coupon code above!

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