Template Placement Tips

Each machine embroidery design from Ballyhoo Creations comes with a .pdf file of templates and terms of use. In that document you will find templates that you can use for perfectly placing your designs on your own projects.

Make sure you print the templates at 100% and DO NOT use the “fit to page” or scaling options when printing them. To check that your printout is the right size, there is a one-inch square on the template pages that you can measure with a ruler. If those squares measure one inch with a ruler, your printout sizing is good.

The template has center lines for both vertical {up & down} and horizontal {side to side} markings. The center where those 2 lines meet is where your machine needle will start. It’s also useful that the center vertical line has an arrow pointing AWAY from you when the hoop is on your machine. {it’s hard to see on the example template below since half the arrow is hidden by her pupil} This will help you place your design perfectly.

embroidery template example

Cut out the template, either the whole hoop square of just the embroidery part, and play around with where you want the design on your project. You can poke a hole at the center of the template and use a fabric-safe marking pen. {I love the frixion pens by pilot, the ink disappears when heated with your iron}

After you have your center marked and you know the orientation of the design on your project, you can hoop your project and make sure the center goes in the center of your hoop. Most machines come with hoop template to help with this. If you get the center CLOSE enough, you can use your machine placement controls to nudge the hoop until the needle is aligned over the center point you marked from the design template.

Then stitchout your design and go to town!

animated embroidery

Stitching it up.

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