ITH Pumpkin Stuffies


A set of 3 different jack-o-lantern faces in 3 different stuffed pumpkin sizes for Halloween or Fall decor.

  • You get 3 faces in 3 sizes, along with photo instructions and free video tutorial (see instructions tab
  • Stitched in the hoop.  Then cut out, turn, fill with stuffing and close with quick hand-sewing.  Super simple!
  • Works great with stretch fabric like t-shirt or jersey because the stretch allows a big, fat pumpkin.  But also stitches well with fleece or felt.
  • Sizes:  4×4 hoop makes 2.5″ tall pumpkin, 6×6 hoop makes 4″ tall pumpkin, 8×8 makes 5″ tall pumpkin.  Sizes will vary depending on your stuffing techniques.
  • Ballyhoo Designs are upgrade proof!  You will get all file formats and hoop sizes currently available.  So if you ever upgrade your machine to a different brand or hoop size, there’s no need to purchase new files
  • Skill Level:  Beginner

NOTE:  The pumpkin stuffies share the same faces as the pumpkin doll heads, also available in the shop.  The difference is in the sizes (stuffies are bigger) and the stuffies have a special pleat stitched at the bottom to help them sit level.

Instructions & Video

Your download will include these instructions which you can view below (supply list is on page 2).  But wait!  There’s more!  Scroll down for a short video showing how to make this project from start to finish.







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