Jointed Art Dolls Course



This self-paced video course is for intermediate-level dollmakers.  It will show you how to create jointed art dolls that are smaller in size than typical play dolls.  You can use these techniques for patterns from Ballyhoo or other doll artists too!  Includes over 90 minutes of video instruction plus worksheets and lists to help you plan and execute your art doll creation.

NOTE: The class includes a sitting gremlin as shown (purple faced doll)  and this course is included for FREE with some of the jointed doll patterns at Ballyhoo Creations.  Please be sure you don’t overpay!

Create your own customized art doll with your sewing or embroidery machine. The class includes patterns for an intermediate-level art doll for both sewing and embroidery machines.

This course is included for free with some of the doll patterns at Ballyhoo Creations.  You can:

  1. Purchase this course and get the sitting Gremlin pattern for free
  2. Purchase one of the jointed art doll patterns and get this course for FREE
  3. Watch this course on Skillshare if you are already a member over there:

What Will You Learn?

  • Use your sewing or embroidery machine to sew the pieces of your art doll
  • Use machine embroidery design templates as a sewing pattern
  • Modify a sewing pattern to customize your doll’s size or shape
  • Work with stretch fabrics and tame them under your needle
  • Create a face with stitches or fabric markers
  • Close the seam openings with an invisible stitch
  • Create moving joints for the head, legs, and arms
  • Cut, turn, and stuff an art doll for flawless results

This Class is for People Who:

  • know how to sew or use an embroidery machine
  • have already made stuffed toys and want to level up
  • want to turn your original character into a 3-D art doll
  • want to learn techniques for making art dolls
  • Want to get more out of their embroidery machine
  • Enjoy the creative process
  • Love putting old things to new uses

When you purchase this course you will be provided with a link to the course page where you can watch all the video lessons at your own pace.  All course downloads are available on the page for “Lesson 2 – Our project”  Please bookmark the class page and remember your login/password for so you can come back to your class.  😉

Tools & Materials

(a printable supply list is included in your course downloads)

  • Embroidery machine OR sewing machine for doll seams
  • If using an embroidery machine, the body, arms, and legs require 5×7” hoop, the head/face requires 4×4” hoop)
  • Embroidery thread (hand or machine) or fabric markers for the face (other options will be discussed)
  • Sharp scissors
  • Hemostats or another tool for turning and stuffing
  • Long doll needle
  • Strong thread for closing seams and jointing the doll
  • (optional) Fabric Glue like Fabri-tac or fabric hot glue
  • 4-5 small buttons for jointing the doll
  • Fabrics: stretchy or woven, new or upcycled
  • Fiberfill stuffing or the stuffing from an old pillow
  • Sewing machine users will need a Tear-away stabilizer or light interfacing
  • Embroidery machine users will need a stabilizer, both tear-away and cut-away are suggested