• beginner machine embroidery video course

    Video Course- Intro to Machine Embroidery


    Learn how to use an Embroidery Machine!  We’ll do an easy coaster project so you can learn all the tips for successful beginner machine embroidery.  If you’ve ever been frustrated by your embroidery machine (who hasn’t??) or if you just want to learn some basics – this class will show you tips to get a good stitch-out.

    View the course outline and watch the intro video HERE.

  • Jointed Art Dolls Course



    This self-paced video course is for intermediate-level dollmakers.  It will show you how to create jointed art dolls that are smaller in size than typical play dolls.  You can use these techniques for patterns from Ballyhoo or other doll artists too!  Includes over 90 minutes of video instruction plus worksheets and lists to help you plan and execute your art doll creation.

    NOTE: The class includes a sitting gremlin as shown (purple faced doll)  and this course is included for FREE with some of the jointed doll patterns at Ballyhoo Creations.  Please be sure you don’t overpay!