11" Cloth Character - Full Elf Package

Happiness is a pair of Elves!!  Everything you need to make two adorable 11″ Elf dolls is in this package.  The files to make the dolls and their accessories are all included.   Or you can purchase additional faces and create an entire crew of them!

Read further details below…


Make a batch of holiday elves, or make them in different colors for year-round elfen goodness.  (Everybody needs a stitching elf in their sewing room)  The package has everything you need to make elves with two different faces, and you can purchase add-on faces to fit these 11″ dolls with a dozen archetype character faces in the collection.  (4 more coming December of 2020)

Everything is stitched in the hoop of your embroidery machine, then cut them out, turn, stuff and glue closed.  Watch the video for complete instructions (tab above)  You can also wire them with armatures for a completely poseable little friend.

All designs are digital downloads and require an embroidery machine to make these projects.  We don’t ship anything from Ballyhoo Creations.  

  • Files will be available immediately after purchase on a download page.
  • Your downloaded .ZIP file will include
    • these designs:
        1. ITH pear shaped body for 11″ doll
        2. ITH heads/face for the Magician
        3. ITH head/face for the Sage
        4. ITH wig to fit 11″ doll heads
        5. ITH Elf Set – includes mittens, collar, hat and flat boots
        6. ITH human ears
        7. ITH elf ears
    • In these machine formats:  DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PES, SHV, VIP, VP3, XXX
    • PDF instructions,  and a Terms & Templates (TnT) file with templates and stitch order
  • Fits these machine embroidery hoop sizes:  6×10″ for body and Elf accessory set, 4×4″ for head, ears and wig
  • Finished size of this project: finished doll is around 11″ tall
  • Skill level: novice

Be sure to check the tabs above for more info like Instructions, Supplies, and Specs!

Some of the photos may include optional add-ons not included in this package. (standing boots, or hands, for example)


Tools and Materials

These are the recommended tools and materials for this machine embroidery project – they are split into tools for the dolls and the Elf accessories further down.


1. Embroidery machine with 6×10” or larger hoop
2. Sharp fabric scissors
3. Small embroidery scissors
4. Hemostats – small and large are helpful
5. Embroidery or stretch needles for your embroidery machine
6. Hand sewing needle if hand stitching these closed rather than gluing.
• 3” doll needle or longer recommended
7. If you wire your doll –  pliers and Wire cutters

Materials for Dolls

1. No-show mesh embroidery stabilizer
2. Body fabric – stretch fabric is needed, it can be 2-way or 4-way stretch.
• 6×10” for body front
• 8 x 10” for body back
3. Face & head fabric – stretch fabric (this Doll Jersey is wonderful)
• 4×4” for front in skin tone
• 4” wide x 6” long for back in skin tone

• 2 pieces of 3″ x 3″ for ears (optional)

4. Doll hair or yarn, or 2 pieces faux fur 3×3”
5. machine embroidery thread in a dark color for the face
6. Embroidery bobbin thread
7. Top & bobbin thread to match body and face color for seams
8. Strong thread for hand sewing
9. Stuffing {polyfil or similar}
10. Armature wire and electrical tape {optional}
11. Fabric glue {if not hand stitching openings & hair}
12. Embellishments for your finished character
13. Fabric markers or paints (optional)

Additional Materials for Elf accessories

  1. tear-away embroidery stabilizer
  2.  Stretch fabric for hat – 5″ wide by 8″ high, folded in half
  3. Felt :
    1. boots – 2 pieces of 5.5″ x 2.5″ felt
    2. collar – 1 piece of 3″ x 3″ felt
    3. mittens – 2 pieces of 2″ x 3″ felt
  4. Embroidery thread to accent your set – the thread will show on the finished items
  5. (optional) bells, pom-poms, or other items to embellish hat and boots

Design Specs

Your digital download will be a ZIP file that includes: PDF instructions, PDF Templates & Terms (the TnT file)

Purchased designs in the following 9 machine formats:  DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PES, SHV, VIP, VP3, XXX

The graphic below shows design measurements, stitch counts, number of threads, and more.  (You don’t need those thread colors – the color coding is explained in the instruction sheets.  You only need dark thread for the face, and thread to match the head and body fabrics.)

You do NOT need the thread colors in the spec sheet.  Your instructions will explain how to use that color code.  You only need a dark thread for facial features, and thread to match your head and body fabric.

Instructions & Video

Video tutorial for 11″ cloth character doll:


You can view the PDF instructions here:   ballyhoo_instructions_11inDoll_112020.


Video for the Elf Accessories Set:

Written Instructions for Elf Set can be viewed here: ballyhoo_instructions_Elf_Accessories_112520


Quick Wig instructions –

  1. Stitch COLOR 1 on tear away stabilizer to place the wig outline
  2. place fur right-side-up over the placement lines.
  3. Stitch COLOR 2 to tackdown the fur and give the placement for the back
  4. Place the back fur right-side-down over the 2nd placement lines.
  5. Stitch COLOR 3 to create the double seams of the wig
  6. Cut out, turn, and trim as needed.  The wig will fit over the doll head.

Quick EAR instructions

  1. Stitch COLOR 1 on tear away stabilizer
  2. Place one layer of 3×3″ “skin”fabric (right-side-up) to cover the placement outline
  3. Stitch COLOR 2 to create the inner ear details
  4. Place the back fabric, right-side-down, over the front fabric.
  5. Stitch COLOR 3 to create the ear seams which are tightly double-stitched
  6. Cut out very close to seams, turn with small hemostats, and place on head as per head instructions
all ears doll and text
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