New Design Shop is on the way


Design Shop Opens in: Days Hours I’m taking all of my original sewing patterns and machine embroidery designs and putting them up for sale. Look for the new shop to open by May 1st, 2020. It’s taken me several years to make this decision. I’ve wrestled in my head – should I share my original […]

Video Tutorial: Mini monster journal

Want to make something cute and furry that’s quick and easy? And cheap? These mini-notebooks with furry monsters are made from materials found at the Dollar Tree and they go together quick and simple. These are perfect for carrying around and jotting down plans for World Domination. (you know you want to) Tools and supplies […]

The shop is on Holiday

The shop will be temporarily closed while I travel for the holidays.  I’ll return on January 2nd to reopen the store and begin working on new dolls for 2019. Happy Holidays!