About Me

I’m a reader, writer, crafter, and gardener. Also, I’m pretty good at vacuuming.  My name is Luci and I live in Oklahoma City with my husband, a dog and three cats.  My daughter grew up and now runs her own handmade business.  (Hi yarnmonster!)

DuhBe was my first Etsy shop in 2009.  It started with teddy bears which morphed into clothing and accessories which morphed into fabric flowers.  Then I learned cosmetic chemistry and opened Ballyhoo Bath on Etsy where the solid shampoo and conditioner sold very well until my career shifted.  Eventually, I reopened the DuhBe shop as Ballyhoo Creations with my embroidered doll designs before I switched from maker to online teacher in 2019.  

Here is a visual sample of my work from the past decade …


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