Tory Troll ITH doll


Tory is a troll with a mischievous grin from ear-to-ear and big ol’ puppy dog eyes.  He even has little toenails and fingernails on his detailed hands and feet!  Make several sizes for a whole family of trolls.  They can hang out in your sewing room, or use them to decorate for Halloween!

  • Let your embroidery machine do all the hard work while you get all the credit for this charming and detailed doll.
  • Tory can be made as a poseable art doll with a wired armature, or as a soft play doll.  You decide which construction method you prefer.
  • Each size requires 4 hoopings: head, body, pants, & coat
  • The jointed arms can be attached with plastic doll joints on the larger sizes, or by hand-stitching for all sizes.
  • The Head is hand stitched or glued to the body using a neck stem.
  • Tory’s head, body, and pants require stretch fabrics.  His coat can be made of fabric scraps from your stash which get stitched together in the hoop.
  • You will get 4 sizes in your download:
    • Extra Large for 8×12 hoops makes 12″ completed doll
    • Large For 7×12 hoops makes 11″ doll
    • Medium For 6×10 hoops makes 10″ doll
    • Small For 5×7 hoops makes 8″ doll
  • Complete Instructions with color photos are included.  There is also a free series of dollmaker videos for all the techniques used in this doll.
  • Tory the Troll can be mixed and matched with other doll parts and accessories in the Cloth Character section of the shop.  (But he’s too plump for clothes other than his own.😉)

All designs are digital downloads for embroidery machines.  Files will be available immediately after purchase on a download page.

  • Estimated time to complete: 2-3 hours
  • Estimated Skill Level: advanced or confident beginner (fussy cutting, turning tiny parts, multiple steps to follow, multiple hoopings)

Be sure to check the tabs above for more info like Supplies, and Specs



Your downloaded .ZIP file will include multiple sizes and machine formats in case you upgrade your machine to a bigger hoop or different brand, you’ll still be able to use these designs! 

The .ZIP file contains these machine file formats:

VP3 Viking format



And comes in sizes for these hoops:

7 by 126 by 105 by 7



Please check the photos for exact design dimensions in millimeters to ensure it fits the hoops on your machine.


Number of Hoopings for this project:  4 (body/arms, head, pants, coat)

Documents included in your download:

    • PDF instructions with color photos
    • License file (commercial use allowed, you can sell the dolls you make)
    • PDF design details for each design
    • Photo of finished project

Max purchase quantity = 1

Supplies Needed


• Embroidery machine with 5×7 hoop or larger
• Sharp fabric scissors
• Small Hemostats or other tool for turning tiny parts like fingers
• Stuffing tool (stuffing fork, hemostats, chopstick)
• Long doll needle and strong thread for closing the seam openings (or fabric glue)
• Pins to hold the stabilizer firmly in the hoop (the T-pin trick)
• (Optional) pliers and wire cutters for wire armature


• Fabrics – lightweight stretch fabrics are required for this pattern. Light T-shirt jersey works very well.
• IMPORTANT! Use of materials other than those listed may create a doll that cannot be turned right-side-out, or that cannot support the feature detailed stitches!
• For body: 2 pieces to fit the hoop you have selected
• For head: 2 pieces to fit the hoop you have selected
• For pants (optional): 2 pieces to fit the hoop you have selected
• For Coat – scraps of any fabrics, or 2 pieces to fit your hoop size
• Stabilizers:
• No-show mesh embroidery stabilizer, or similar lightweight cutaway stabilizer, for doll head.
• Tear-away stabilizer for doll body and pants.
• Scrap of water or heat soluble stabilizer to use under the face detail stitches
• Vilene (fabric) type of water-soluble stabilizer for the scrappy coat
• (Optional) Armature wire if you want the doll to stand and pose
• (Optional) pair of doll joints for arms on large or XL. Join sizes: large-20mm , XL-25 or 30mm
• Polyester stuffing
• Wig/hair materials of your choice (faux fur, locks, yarn, or stay bald!)