That Purple Thang {on Amazon}

Multi-tool, great for holding projects in place while they stitch out in your machine embroidery hoop.

Here’s why I like this tool so much…

  •  use as a stiletto to hold your fabric in place while stitching
  • you can keep your fingers our of the machine embroidery hoop and use this instead
  • the purple plastic is easy to find in a cluttered sewing space
  • Unlike tweezers or a metal tool, this plastic won’t make a scraping noise against your metal sewing machine parts {my ears appreciate that}
  • it has a 1/4 square at one end to measure seams
  • the hole in the middle can be used for threading elastic through a casing

I never understood why sewists loved these until I tried one.  Now I have multiples at every machine because they’re so handy.