ITH Kitty Cat Hand Puppet


Playtime or bath time is more fun with puppets! Make this sweet kitty cat puppet to delight the imaginations of the wee ones in your life.  Customize it with your favorite fabrics and colors.
  • Includes 2 sizes:  small for 5×7 hoops to fit child’s hands, and large for 8×8 or 6×10 hoops to fit adult hands.
  • Designed for Beginners!  Very easy to stitch in one hooping, then cut and turn.
  • Use any fabrics and colors to suit your own style.  Fleece makes a sturdy puppet.  Try terry cloth for a bath mitt, or use your favorite cotton prints to really jazz up the look!  Try upcycled fabrics for an eco-friendly puppet.
  • This puppet has applique tummy, nose, and ears on the large size, and applique tummy and nose on the small size (not the ears.)  You can skip the applique steps, or just stitch the outlines for an even faster stitch-out.
  • The tummy area provides room for personalization if you have fonts on your embroidery machine.
  • Satin stitches for applique areas are nice and wide.  No need to worry about perfect cutting.  This is a good project if you’re still learning applique on your embroidery machine.
  • You ARE allowed to sell the puppets you make with this design, but you are not allowed to share or sell any of the files in the download.  See the license file in your download for full details.

All designs are digital downloads for embroidery machines.  Files will be available immediately after purchase on a download page.

What’s included with this design?

    • Machine Embroidery Files for Bunny puppet in 2 sizes and multiple machine formats (see specs tab)
    • PDF Instructions document with color photos and a link to video tutorial
    • licence file which allows you to sell the handmade puppets you make with this design

Skill level: beginner

Be sure to check the tabs above for more info like Instructions, Supplies, and Specs!


Your downloaded .ZIP file will include multiple sizes and machine formats in case you upgrade your machine to a bigger hoop or different brand, you’ll still be able to use these designs! 

The .ZIP file contains these machine file formats:



And comes in sizes for these hoops:


Number of Hoopings for this project:

Only one hooping required for each puppet

Documents included in your download:

    • PDF instructions with photos
    • color/stitch order guide with template
    • License file
    • JPG photo sheets of design details for each design

Max purchase quantity = 1

Please see the product photos for design measurements so you can be sure these fit your hoops.

Instructions & Videos

I want to be SURE anyone can stitch and assemble my designs.

A PDF instructions document is included with your download.  In that document, you will also find a link to a free, short video tutorial. 

If you need additional assistance completing a project, please join the Facebook group Ballyhoo Inspiration & Support or use the “contact” link at the top of any web page here.

Supplies Needed

  • Use any fabrics and colors to suit your own style. Fleece makes a sturdy puppet. Try terry cloth for a bath mitt, or use your favorite cotton prints to really jazz up the look! Try upcycled fabrics for an eco-friendly puppet.
  • The small size needs 2 pieces of 6″x8″ fabric. The large size needs 2 pieces of 7″x9″ fabric.
  • Both sizes need small pieces of fabric for the optional applique areas.
  • You will also need threads for machine embroidery.