Monster PDF Sewing Pattern

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Super Simple sewing pattern to make monster softies from new or recycled fabrics.  Stitch up a whole gang of monsters!  This is a great pattern for sewing machine newbies.

This cute monster sewing pattern was designed for beginners. You can use new or recycled fabrics for the body, face, and tummy. It works great with old sweaters, craft felt, or make a memory monster using the clothing of a loved one.

The instructions include how to create a plastic template which makes stitching the monster simple and quick. Pattern includes instructions with color photos.

This is a sewing pattern in PDF file format.  Files will be available immediately after purchase on a download page.  You can then print it out on your home printer and begin creating right away!

Skill level: EASY/ beginner

Video tutorial

Most people find the photo instructions are enough to easily make these monsters.  But if you need further guidance, there is a video tutorial on Creative Fabrica with full step-by-step instructions.

Membership to Creative Fabrica is required to view that video, and links here are affiliate links to that membership site.


Supplies Needed

Tools Needed:

• Sewing machine or needle and thread for hand sewing
• Sharp fabric scissors
• Utility Scissors for cutting thin template plastic
• Strong thread for upholstery, button&carpet
• Long Doll needle for closing the side opening
• Fabric marking pen or chalk
• Sharpie ® marker to create template

Supplies Needed:

• 2 pieces 9” x 12” fabrics for front and back (new or upcycled works well)
• 1 piece of contrast fabric size 4” x 6” for tummy and face (felt, knits, fleece)
• 2 plastic safety eyes for stuffed toys (or buttons if you prefer)
• Fiber fill stuffing
• Template material (clear plastic report cover, clear cutting mat, or quilters template
plastic all work) or use cardboard or cardstock if you prefer
• (Optional) Lightweight interfacing to line the body pieces if they are too stretchy.
This will stiffen them and make them easier to sew

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