ITH chicken egg cozy


Chicken Egg Cozy is designed to fit around a real or plastic egg.

You can make many other birds with this ITH pattern.  See below for ideas…



  • Quick and easy project!  Stitches up fast, and assembly is a breeze.
  • The pattern for 5×7 hoop is double sided – the eye & wing stitch on both sides of the chicken.  The 4×4 hoop size is only stitched on one side, due to limitations of the hoop size, and stitches up faster.
  • Try mixing up this pattern with different colors and beaks to make different bird species!  White makes a chicken, yellow makes a chick.  Try a bluebird.  Or black fabric with white thread could make a crow or raven.
  • Designed for stretch fabrics.  (Could also be made from non-stretch fabrics but it may not fit over an egg without the stretchiness in your fabric)
  • Instructions include patterns to cut beak, comb, and wattles from felt.  These get stitched into the seams by using the placement guides in the stitch file.


Written Instructions are included in the download and also available to view here: (page navigation is at the bottom of the document)



PDF documents included in your download:

    • Interactive PDF instructions
    • color/stitch order guide with full size templates
    • License file (defines how many finished products you may sell of this design)

Your downloaded .ZIP file will include multiple sizes and machine formats in case you upgrade your machine to a bigger hoop or different brand, you’ll still be able to use these designs! 

The graphic below shows design measurements, stitch counts, number of threads, and more.


Supplies Needed

Tools and materials are listed in the Instructions file.  You can view them on the Instructions tab.