Bat Plushie in-the-hoop design


Make a Bat Plushie in the hoop of your embroidery machine.  Make him cute for a toy, or creepy for a unique Halloween decor item.  It’s all up to your creativity!

  • Let your embroidery machine do all the hard work while you get all the credit for this charming project.
  • 2 ear options are included
  • wings can be stitched 3 ways: feltie style, seamed and turned, or single layer for really stiff materials
  • His face is done in the reverse applique style.
  • Wings and ears can be stitched into the body in the hoop or you can add them after the body is completed (hand stitch or glue).
  • You will get 4 sizes in your download:
    • For 7×12 or larger hoops: requires 2 hoopings, one for wings/ears and one for the body/head
    • For 6×10 hoops: requires 2 hoopings, one for wings/ears and one for the body/head
    • For 5×7 hoops: requires 2 hoopings, one for wings/ears and one for the body/head with a finished size of 5″ tall by 8″ wingspan
    • For 4×4″ hoops:  requires 3 hoopings – one for the body/head, one for the right wing/ear and another for the left wing/ear.
    • You can also mix & match the body sizes and wings.  Please review the files details in the listing photos.  Some bodies are small enough that you can make them in a smaller hoop.  (example:  combine the 6×10 wings with the 7×12 body – both will fit in the 6×10 hoop)
  • Complete Instructions with color photos also included

All designs are digital downloads for embroidery machines.  Files will be available immediately after purchase on a download page.

  • Estimated time to complete: 1-2 hours
  • Estimated Skill Level: intermediate (fussy cutting, multiple steps to follow, multiple hoopings, thick seam layers)

Be sure to check the tabs above for more info like Supplies, and Specs



Your downloaded .ZIP file will include multiple sizes and machine formats in case you upgrade your machine to a bigger hoop or different brand, you’ll still be able to use these designs! 

The .ZIP file contains these machine file formats:

VP3 Viking format




And comes in sizes for these hoops:

6 by 107 by 125 by 7



Please check the photos for exact design dimensions in millimeters to ensure it fits the hoops on your machine.

Number of Hoopings for this project:  2 with 5×7, 6×10 or 7×12 hoops, 3 if using 4×4″ hoop.


Documents included in your download:

    • PDF instructions with photos
    • License file
    • Design file details

Max purchase quantity = 1

Supplies Needed


• Embroidery machine with 4×4 hoop or larger (TIP – a size 14 needle may stitch better
through multiple layers of fabric)
• Sharp fabric scissors
• (Optional) small applique scissors, small detail scissors for cutting out ears & wings
• (Optional) Hemostats for turning and stuffing the doll
• Long doll needle and strong thread for closing the bottom seam opening.


• Fabrics – you will need the fabrics sized to your hoop size unless noted below
• For ears & wings: sturdy non-fray materials like felt or vinyl, 2 pieces needed if
doing the wings feltie style (with back cover)
• For Face: 1 scrap size of any fabric
• For body: 2 pieces fluffy non-fray fabrics such as felt, fuzzy felt, fleece, short pile
faux fur. Cut the back fabric a bit wider than the front to ensure you have a big
enough piece.
• Stabilizer: tear-away for wings/ears, and any lightweight stabilizer for the body
• (Optional) Scrap of water or heat soluble stabilizer to use under the face stitches
• Embroidery safe tape (Kimberbell paper tape works well, painters tape can also be
• Embroidery thread and bobbins to match your fabric
• Polyester stuffing, and (optional) weighted filler for bottom (plastic pellets)
About fabric choices: This doll was tested using the fabrics described above. Other
fabrics may be used, but might fray or not turn right-side-out as easily. Please keep
your fabric choices in mind when making any ITH doll.