• ITH jointed bunny rabbit plush patterntwo jointed bunnies

    In the Hoop Jointed Bunny Rabbit Design


    This vintage-style Bunny Rabbit with jointed limbs and head can be posed in many charming ways.  Make a few for Easter, or Spring Decor. Or gift them to your favorite Bunny Lover.  Two ear styles are included for three sizes of Bunny Rabbit.

  • jointed teddy bears made in the hoop

    In the Hoop Jointed Teddy Bear


    Teddy’s are best when gifted with Love.

    This vintage-style Teddy Bear with jointed arms, legs, and head can be posed in many charming ways.  It features minimal embroidery for that classic, hand-made look.  But your embroidery machine does all the hard work stitching the seams and markings for a simple, yet adorable project that will WOW anybody you gift it to.

  • in the hoop bat design

    Bat Plushie in-the-hoop design


    Make a Bat Plushie in the hoop of your embroidery machine.  Make him cute for a toy, or creepy for a unique Halloween decor item.  It’s all up to your creativity!

  • valentine heart plushie design in the hoopheart plushie in sneakers

    Valentine Untamed Heart Plushie ITH design in two sizes


    Stitch a shaggy and untamed heart Plushie in-the-hoop of your embroidery machine.  Includes 2 sizes.

    BONUS!  Includes two heart feltie designs.  One says “Be Mine” and the other says “All we need is Love”