• White furry yeti doll in poseposeable Yeti doll in the hoop

    In the Hoop Yeti Art Doll with Valentine Bonus


    What says “fashionable Winter decor” like your very own Yeti?  Their whimsical features reflect their light-hearted and quizzical nature.  Make them with wire armatures for a poseable art doll that brings out the inner child in you.

    Bonus! Includes TWO  heart Feltie designs.  Perfect for gifting.

  • two sewn gnomes in a wheelbarrowgreen barefoot gnome embroidery machine nisse doll

    In the Hoop Gnome Softie


    Yippee!  My best-selling barefoot gnome pattern is now available as an in-the-hoop embroidery machine design in FIVE sizes!  You can make a whole family.

    There are tons of gnome patterns in this world, but only the Ballyhoo Creations Gnomes have adorably squishy bare feet.  Game changer!  Customize them with your favorite fabric choices to make a one-of-a-kind Gnome.

  • in the hoop elf art dolls in red and aqua

    In the Hoop Elf Art Doll package


    Deck your halls with these  unique and adorable Elves.  Material kits are available to make this a fast and fun project!