cloth doll pattern

  • Sale! monster stuffie pattern

    Monster PDF Sewing Pattern

    $10.00 $6.00

    Super Simple sewing pattern to make monster softies from new or recycled fabrics.  Stitch up a whole gang of monsters!  This is a great pattern for sewing machine newbies.

  • Sale! sewn ragdoll exampleback of ragdoll

    Ragdoll PDF Sewing Pattern

    $10.00 $6.00

    Easy to sew Ragdoll Pattern is a great project for beginners to learn the wonderful art of dollmaking.  The doll is perfectly sized for gift giving.  Customize this pattern with any face or hair you prefer, or use the included face template and yarn hair instructions.

  • Sale! vampire head on a pencil

    ITH Vampire head Add-On

    $2.00 $1.20

    His eyes are a bit bloodshot, and his teeth are sharp.   This in-the-hoop Vampire head fits all the Cloth Character bodies at Ballyhoo Creations so you can make a unique doll for art or play.  You can also use him for other things like a pencil topper, Halloween wand, or just make a jar of heads because isn’t that what we all do at Halloween?