It was great meeting you at H+H!

I’ve put a few highlights on this page so you can learn more about what I do and how I do it.

  • I design dolls, puppets, and plushies
  • An Embroidery Machine is my tool of choice
  • ITH is my specialty (ITH stands for “In The Hoop.” It’s a way of sewing seams and details with an embroidery machine instead of a sewing machine)
  • Video content on the topics of machine embroidery, sewing, and dollmaking can be found on my YouTube channel.

I’m open to

  • Collaborating with other creatives
  • Creating product review videos of your product
  • Producing video tutorials of your product or process
  • Selling doll & puppet materials kits to sewing shops
  • Let’s talk about other ideas!

A few Patterns from Ballyhoo Creations…

Videos on the Ballyhoo Creations YouTube Channel…

Contact Me from this form…