Making a Doll Coat in the Hoop

leprechaun ITH doll
leprechaun ITH doll

This little coat is quick to make in the hoop of your embroidery machine.

It was designed to fit the Cloth Character Art Dolls here at Ballyhoo Creations and comes in small, medium and large just like the doll patterns.

The coat is designed for non-fraying fabrics like felt, fleece, or stretch knits. You can also make it with other fabrics and hem the edges with 1/4 fusible hem tape if desired. But it’s so easy to make with craft felt and it looks like an expensive Wool Coat!

There are a few different designs of the coat available. Each have a different stitch pattern. Some come with hats and some don’t.

Look at the different options in the photos, and scroll down for a video to see how easy these are to make!

Photo Gallery


Here’s a short video showing how the coats are made. You can control the speed of the video with the setting button (bottom right corner on the video – it looks like a gear)

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