Project: DIY Boy and Girl Puppets

boy and girl puppets
pink furry puppet

It’s easy to make boy and girl puppets using the Yab pattern with readily available materials.

The Yab puppet pattern is so versatile you can make monsters, humans, or something in-between.

Both puppets use beige fleece for their “skin,” with shag faux fur glued on for hair and simple shirts.

Read on for all the materials used!

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boy and girl puppets

Tools & Materials

Tools UsedMaterials Needed
Any sized embroidery machinehead/body & arms- beige anti-pill fleece
Hemostats for turning small parts and for stuffingMouth – black fleece; Eyes – white stretch knit fabric
sharp fabric scissorsTongues – pink scuba knit
noses – stretch knits using oval (blue) and round (pink) nose patterns from Yab puppet design
eyelids on girl – beige fleece
small embroidery or applique scissorsany pink stretch fabric and Fiberfill for the “brain” pillow (the boy is holding one)
doll needle for hand sewing OR fabric glueDollar Tree foam hair curlers to “stuff” the arms
(optional) wire cutters and pliers if adding wire armaturearmature wire for hands
(optional) plastic balloon stake for arm rod with a rubber band and tape (found at Dollar Tree)
faux fur for hair, pink DollarTree hair barrettes for girl,
fabric scraps or thrifted clothing to make their clothes
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Instructions Checklist

  • (optional) Create arm rods by taping a rubber band at the top of a plastic balloon rod. Then put the rubber band around the puppet’s wrist for a cheap & easy puppet arm rod. Check out the Video for puppet arms in the Doll & Puppet Video series for more ideas.
  • Cut a piece of faux fur to cover the top of the head. Glue or stitch a 1/4″ hem all around the piece of fur so the raw edges won’t show. It’s best if you put in the brain pillow and rest the puppet over a bottle or something to use as a “stand” while you position and attach the wig. Then hand-stitch or glue the fur where you want it. Style the wig as you like.
  • For clothes on the Boy – A t-shirt was fashioned using the puppet body for a pattern with some sleeves added. Then the neckline and sleeves were turned under and glued for a cheater hem.
  • Clothes for the girl – A ruffled tank top from the thrift store was used to create a tube (the back seam was stitched on the sewing machine) then just pinch the tube together at the shoulders and glue or hand stitch them together. This is a quick and easy method for creating a tank dress for a doll or puppet with non-fraying fabrics like stretch knits.
  • And that’s it! Stitch up a whole puppet show full of characters with the Yab pattern and be sure to share all your wonderful puppets over at the Ballyhoo Inspiration & Support Facebook group. Show us what you make!

These In-the-Hoop patterns were used to make this project:

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