Project: The Lover in Pink Frilly dress

lover in pink dress
lover in pink dress

This in-the-hoop doll might appear to be wearing a complicated dress, but it’s just a ruffled shirt from a thrift store.

You can search for used clothing with interesting details and drape your doll to create something amazing.

This little gal is the small-sized cloth character made in a 5×7 hoop, with a wired armature to make her fully poseable.

This is the Lover head from Archetype Faces Pack #1, and the River Body. (see below for product links)

As with all the cloth characters – you can add a wire armature to make it pose like a wired puppet, or leave out that step.

Read down below to see all the materials and how they were used to make this doll in the hoop of your embroidery machine.

Tools UsedMaterials Needed
Embroidery machine with 5×7 hoop or largerPink Stretch jersey for body
brown stretch jersey for head
Hemostats for turning small limbspink ruffled tank top from thrift store – or any interesting garment you want to use.
scrap of striped fabric for scarf
sharp fabric scissorscurly fleece or faux fur for the hair
pink ribbon or bows for the hair
small embroidery or applique scissorsembroidery and bobbin thread
doll needle for hand sewing OR fabric glueno-show mesh stabilizer for body & head
fiberfill stuffing
(optional) wire cutters and pliers if adding wire armature(optional) thick and thin armature wire to make it poseable
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Instructions Checklist

  • Make the body, head, and wig according to instructions included with your designs and assemble the doll.
  • To create the 2 buns on her head, cut 2 circles that are 2″ wide to match her wig. Hand baste stitches around the circle and pull the thread tight to gather the circle into a bun – fill with a bit of fiberfill and knot the thread. Then stitch or glue each bun into place on her wig. Add bows or ribbons to accentuate the buns.
  • The dress is just ruffled fabric draped around the doll and cut to size. It is then hand-stitched at the shoulders in a tank dress style. There’s no need to hem the edges if you have a strechy fabric.
  • Add a strip of fabric for a scarf
  • Use a paint pen, fabric marker, or paint to color in the lips if desired.

These In-the-Hoop patterns were used to make this project:

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