I’m excited about Creative Fabrica!

I love when something new hits the Crafty Pavement. After watching the craft industry for over a decade, I predict this one is going to be BIG.

Creative Fabrica is an online marketplace for digital graphics, embroidery designs, cut files, and patterns. They’ve been around for a few years but they didn’t hit my radar until recently. They got funded $7 million in January 2021, so suddenly they are growing like wildfire and reaching out to creators and crafters to build something wonderful. They reached out to me and asked if I would like to sell my designs in their marketplace. I checked out their website and was impressed with what they are building.

They want to be a one-stop-shop for digital creators. That means graphics, fonts, embroidery designs, cutting files, planner pages, digital patterns for sewing, knitting – you get the idea. But they’re growing beyond a digital marketplace. They’ve also launched CF Fans – a membership site similar to Patreon or Only Fans – but it’s just for artists and crafters. And they have more things rolling out in 2021, so keep your eye on them.

I’ve decided to offer some of my embroidery designs at Creative Fabrica, like the Mid Century Modern Collection that I’ve just released…

I’m not only a designer and creator at Creative Fabrica, I also became a customer. I signed up for the $29/month plan for full access to EVERY graphic and embroidery design on their site, just to try it out for myself. This past weekend I downloaded some great new fonts that were turned into slang embroidery designs. And they even have a ton of mockup photos so I can showcase my designs on shirts, pillows, towels, and all the things! That way you can envision how the design will look without needing to stitch out a million samples. And I’ve collected some really gorgeous graphics so I can make my social media posts customized for my brand. Ring-A-Ding-Ding indeed!

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