Mummy Project

You can easily modify your dolls into custom characters. Here’s an example of one turned into a Mummy for Halloween.

Instead of adding hair and clothes to one of the 8″ ITH dolls, I made one in simple off-white fabric with no hair and then wrapped her (him?) in strips of gauze to make a Mummy.  To be honest, I didn’t even close up the back, just wrapped right over it!

I used the jester face with the 8″ doll body stitched in a 5×7″ or larger machine embroidery hoop.  This one is wired because I like to pose my characters and hope to animate them with stop-motion in the future.  (the armature wire is perfect for stop-motion video.)

Here’s a video short showing the highlights of how you can make something like this.

The Mummy shown was made on the embroidery machine using the Billy doll pattern and the Jester Add-On face. Their Product links are below.

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