In-The-Hoop Clothes

Nobody likes a nakey doll, unless you’re a 7-year-old girl with a roomful of barbies.  But for the rest of us, let’s customize our cloth characters and give them some simple in-the-hoop clothes to wear!

The set includes a T-shirt, a sweater, a dress, and two pairs of pants – one with pocket stitches and one simple pair with no stitching.

These clothes fit the cloth character dolls and can even be used on dolls that have sewn-in clothing for a new look.

Clockwise from the top:

  • white T-shirt with raw edges
  • Green sweater with neckline glued, other edges left raw
  • black pants stitched with elastic thread at waist
  • pocket pants with glued waistband and hems
  • striped dress with glued neckline, cuffs and hems

This clothing package includes designs for small, medium, and large dolls (to fit 5×7, 6×10, and 8×12 hoops) and are intended for STRETCH FABRICS for best results.

The clothes are stitched in-the-hoop of your embroidery machine with tear-away stabilizer.  Then you cut them out, remove the stabilizer and turn right-side-out.  You can leave the hems raw or turn them under and glue, fuse or stitch them if you prefer. 

Here’s the video showing the maker process for dress, pocket pants and sweater…

How about some examples??

Designs in the Shop

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