Franky Dolls in-the-hoop

Now Available at the Ballyhoo Design Shop!

Am I too late for Halloween?  I don’t care.  It can be Halloween every day and I’d be fine with that.  

Here’s a pair of Frankensteien inspired dolls.  I call them Mr. and Miss Franky.

Their body is the same as the other 8″ cloth character dolls in the design shop, but their faces and head shapes are different.

Here’s a video showing you how they’re made…

NOTE – the updated body and head files include stitches to help you fold the backs for turning and stuffing.  That’s not shown in this video but it’s detailed in the video or the body/head files of the basic dolls which this add-on is compatible with.

The Franky doll package includes a head/face for Mr. and Miss Franky, as well as the same body file for Billy Dolls.  Instructions and color templates are also included.

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