Making the ITH 8″ cloth characters

There is a newer version of instructions for the cloth characters! You can view the updated tutorials HERE.


New and Improved Video added on October 16, 2020

Whip up a character in an afternoon. Tools and supplies are easily available.  Stretch fabrics work best for both face and body.  Since you don’t need much fabric, you can use t-shirts or camisoles if you don’t have a stash of stretchy fabrics.

Supplies Needed


  • fabric scissors
  • embroidery scissors
  • tweezers
  • 5″ hemostats
  • machine needles – size 12 stretch/ballpoint is best
  • embroidery machine with at least 5×7 hoop
  • long doll needles for hand sewing


(I provide links to the tools and materials when I can – hopefully it helps you find everything you need.  Links may be affiliate links to places like Amazon, only because it seems like they sell everything under the sun.)

These little guys and gals are sized for 5×7″ hoops on your embroidery machine. You can make them with or without armature wires. Change their hair, clothes, or use one of the 4 different faces.  More faces will be added to the shop in the future to fit these dolls. 

The instructions include an option to stitch faux fur or minky fabric for the hair, or another set of instructions to create the head bald and add hair later.  There are so MANY ways to add doll hair!  Here’s a video series of my favorite doll hair methods.

Digital designs are available in the shop and come with templates and instructions.  Don’t forget to watch the video tutorial above!


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