Pretty Paper Pots

It’s time to start gardening, but we’re under a Covid-19 “safer at home” plan. So how can we get supplies?

pretty seed starter pots DIY

Luckily, I have this paper pot press and plenty of seeds left over from previous years. Since I didn’t have a newspaper and didn’t want to go buy the newspaper, I just used some of my old scrapbook paper stash to make pretty paper pots! They turned out so cute! They can be used for more than growing seeds. They make great treat cups as well, like with the doll holding some Easter candy corn in her paper pot.

ballyhoo doll holding candy in a paper pot

Here’s a quick video showing you how to cut, fold and press the pots:

Or if you want the written instructions, they’re simple

  1. Cut 9″ x 3″ rectangles from scrapbook paper {not cardstock} You can get 5 from a 12″x12″ page. {see diagram below}
  2. Fold the top edge over 1/4″ to make the top of the pot more sturdy
  3. Wrap around the wooden handle part of the tool
  4. Starting at the overlap, fold into the bottom center using about 5 folds
  5. Press into the bottom part of the wooden pot maker and then remove the pot.
  6. Done! See how well they hold together? Amazin.
cutting diagram for 5 paper pots out of one sheet of scrapbook paper
cutting diagram for 12″ by 12″ scrapbook paper to get 5 paper pots.

Where can you find a paper pot press? Several places were sold out, since there seems to be panic-buying of seeds and garden supplies during this Covid-19 Pandemic. I searched the internet for “paper pot maker” and still found websites that had them for sale but they’re closer to $20 or $26 now, not the $12 marked on mine. Amazon has the Esschert paper pot maker like mine {affiliate link} for around $20.

wooden paper pot maker

I hope that helps some people out! Put the kids to work on these – it’s really simple to make a bunch of these and plant seeds in them. Even old seeds stored in the house can still grow, so give it a try and see what happens.

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