New Ballyhoo Booth setup

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was upgrading my booth for 2019.  Here are some photos and explanations of those upgrades.


full view of Ballyhoo booth
This is the full view of the booth from the outside. I used a Eurmax canopy frame but removed the center pole and walls, then draped white sheets from the frame to create fabric “walls” and separate my space from other vendors. This way there’s no visual clutter and my items “pop” against the white background. It feels like a giant play fort full of dolls. I’m still working on better signs with my logo – hoping to do something with fabric and applique dolls on it before the season is over.
left side with tables and shelf
This is the left side of my booth with 3 folding tables and one of the two Origami brand folding bookcases. The tables are covered with custom table cloths that I made to fit them. Since the Origami shelves have wire shelving, I laminated white paper to cover the wires for a sleeker look, and also to keep items sitting on the shelf better.
Pegboards are attached to the back of two tables to provide vertical display space. Those are Skadis pegboards from IKEA which have optional hardware that attaches them to the tabletop with a thumbscrew so they’re easy to setup and takedown.
right side with shelf and ladder
The left side of the booth has the second of the folding Origami bookshelves, and a ladder hung from the canopy frame. There is a smaller pegboard attached to that ladder with zip ties so I could hang ornaments. And finally, my checkout stand is made from an Origami brand folding cart that I found at Tuesday Morning for $50 and then I covered it in fabric to match the tablecloths and hide all the business stuff underneath. The tall folding camp chair was draped with a pink fur rug to make it softer and it’s a nice height for the checkout stand. I can sit and still be at eye-level and arms-reach for everything I need.

That’s the gist of my booth for the 2019 Holiday season.

For a list of Oklahoma City area shows where I’m vending:

Or to see the items I’m selling this year:

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