He’s a boo-boo bunny

sizzix softie made with cat/bear/bunny bigz die

I’ve been playing with microwaveable dolls that can be used as heating pads, or as a cold compress if stored in the freezer.  This bunny is 100% cotton and has a rice filling.  So he can be used hot or cold on an owie.  That’s right, he’s a boo-boo bunny.  

flannel bunny made with sizzix cat/bear/bunny die

I’m not completely happy with this design yet, especially since the embroidery design missed the felt on the belly!  Yikes.  And I’d like the heating pad to be a bit bigger and probably filled with cherry pits rather than rice.  So I’m still prototyping these but hope to have some heat therapy dolls available this winter.  


sizzix softie made with cat/bear/bunny bigz die

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