Feltie Faces

I was recently introduced to the concept of “felties” made on embroidery machines.  These are small designs stitched onto 2 layers of felt that can be used for all kinds of accessories.

So I resized some of my doll faces and tried it for myself.  I’m liking how they turned out.  Some will have natural hair colors, but I’m partial to the “Marie Antoinette” styles in cotton candy colors.  What do you think?

So far I’ve turned them into planner and journal accessories…

feltie faces planner set

And there are hair barettes, and probably hair bands are on the way…

funny felt faces

And of course the ever popular magnetic clip for your fridge…

planner clip felt faces
magnetic clips felted faces
magnetic clothespins faces

I’m playing around with packaging ideas and hope to have lots of these guys and gals available for the holiday season.  Oh, and of course, elf hats are in the works as well.  

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