Making Twin Acrobat Dolls

Making Twin Acrobat Dolls

It’s been a long time since I swapped on Swap-bot but this month I joined an art doll swap for twins and made these brother and sister acrobats.

There was a lot involved in their making but I sloshed together a video to summarize as much as I could. (The tools and supplies list is further down in this blog post.)

They were a bit challenging to make but are fun to pose. I hope my swap partner enjoys them.

Tools and Materials used in this project:

Fabrics Used – all fabrics are from thrift store garments:
Face fabric – made from a linen skirt
Hand fabric – nude stretchy tank top
Body fabric – made from silk shirts in pink and aqua
Striped tights – from a striped knit skirt
Doll hair – mohair yarn from Acorns & Twigs (color = Sandy blonde)
ruffled elastic and velvet trims – Hobby Lobby & Micheal’s craft stores
head body and leg wire – .13″ armature wire from Micheal’s
arm wires – .07″ armature wire from Micheal’s
finger wire – beige pipe cleaners from Hobby Lobby
Stabilizers – I’m using embroidery stabilizer from as my interfacing.
The head and body use this Cutaway stabilizer
while the hands and wig seam used this Tearaway stabilizer
Tools: sewing machine, hemostats, scissors, etc
Check out my list of favorite dollmaking tools on Amazon
stuffing – polyfil or old pillows can be used for stuffing. Make sure you wash in hot water and run through the dryer before using old pillows.
thread – most of my thread is multi-purpose in the sewing machine but for hand sewing dolls I prefer a heavier thread like a button/craft thread or even upholstery thread.
Face design – Created from one of my machine embroidery designs that I digitized from faces I drew by hand. One day I might make those embroidery files available if there is interest but for now they’re part of my private stash of doll faces. Eye color was added with a light blue Copic alcohol marker.
Hello! I'm Luci - the designer behind Ballyhoo Creations. I've been making dolls and stuffed toys since the late 1980's and have watched the trends come and go. These days I make whatever I want to make in my own style and share those designs hoping others will make them and cause more smiles to blossom into the world.

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