4th of July wrapped candies

4th of July wrapped candies

Last week I finished a firecracker shaped doll and put some candy with him to give as a gift. So I figured I may as well make a separate video for the candy and save the doll for later.

But I’m so lame, because I didn’t get any good photos of the candy before I gave the gift away. Oh well, there was still plenty of video footage so you can see how the wrapped caramels were assembled. Click the video below for simple instructions.

Super simple instructions for this project:

1. Cut scrapbook paper into 1″ by 2.5″ strips

2. Wrap paper strip around candy and adhere with gluestick

3. cut coordinating cardstock a bit smaller than your bag

4. insert card and candy into bag

5. embellish however you want

For those interested in the materials & tools used, here’s a list: (I’m not using affiliate links today since I’m on the fence about using them at all)

Werther’s soft caramels (found a big bag at Aldi, yay!)
Tim Holtz paper (seasonal pad), twine, and mirrored star
4×6″ ziplock back from Micheal’s crafts
Carl paper cutter (I use this one), scissors, Cropadile hole puncher, ruler
cheap gluestick from dollar tree

Next week I’ll share how the firecracker doll was made. He’s the little guy holding the patriotic candy below.

Hello! I'm Luci - the designer behind Ballyhoo Creations. I've been making dolls and stuffed toys since the late 1980's and have watched the trends come and go. These days I make whatever I want to make in my own style and share those designs hoping others will make them and cause more smiles to blossom into the world.

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