6 Tools Every Dollmaker Should Have

Ever wonder what secret weapons those fancy-schmancy dollmakers have so that all of their dolls turn out perfectly? I’ve wondered that too. I don’t think such a thing exists but here are 6 tools that CAN make your doll projects go faster with higher quality results.

Watch the video for the full run-down, or read below for the quick version and links on where you can find these helpful tools.

I’ve built a consolidated list on Amazon where all the items below can be found on one page: Ballyhoo Tools for Dollmakers

(Links to Amazon are affiliate links and I will make a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking the link. That being said, I’m always looking for the best prices and sharing what I find in my links to non-affiliate sites.)

#1 Scissors

Fabric scissors: can be found anywhere fabric is sold. Keep your fabric scissor separate from scissors used for paper because the paper dulls the blades.
Applique or bandage scissors: these lift the fabric up while you cut and it turns out the ones I used in the video are actually medical lister scissors rather than applique – and I love them.

Curved Embroidery Scissors – I’ve used cheap cuticle scissors in the past but I’m loving this new pair from Amazon because they don’t hurt my fingers during long cutting sessions. Locking curved cuticle scissors

#2 Hemostats

These Locking Hemostats can be found at places like American Science and Surplus or check out these Hemostats on Amazon. They are the perfect multi-tasker for turning, stuffing, clamping or holding doll parts during the construction process. I have a pair of straight 11″ and straight 5″ that get me through most dolly jobs.

#3 Glues

Gluestick: Any cheap gluestick will work for temporarily basting fabrics and they don’t gum up your needle during the stitching.

Fabric Glues: There are many brands but I typically use Fabri-Tac or Fabric Fusion. Those brands are in all the fabric and craft stores as well as places like WalMart.

#4 Needles

Machine needles: I like a heavy-duty 90/14 needle in my sewing machine. Amazon has these Schmetz Universal 90/14 for $6.15 or JoAnn has them for $5.99 if you’re in that store anyway.

Hand Sewing Needles: I show several examples and discuss why you would want these in the video above. Here are examples of 3″ doll needles, 6″ doll needles, curved needles & tapestry needles set, and longer ones in a set from the lovely Acorn & Twigs

#5 Fabric Marker

I showed this disappearing purple marker in the video but any type of fabric marking system works if you’re already comfortable with it. The disappearing pens are sold in fabric stores for less than what Amazon has it priced at.

#6 Punch Awl

I’ve been using this ergonomic awl by Dritz for years. Mine is gummed up with glue and needs a good cleaning but it’s still sharp. You can find these in the notions aisle of the fabric stores pretty easily.

Those are my six favorite tools in the doll making studio. Did I miss any of your favorites? Got anything else to add? I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below and let’s talk tools.

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