Creativation…Here I come!

Ten years ago when I joined the handmade world, I learned about a trade show for the craft industry where professional crafters would gather for workshops and new product launches.  The dreamer in me wanted to attend events like that but the expense was too high, and my endeavors were too new. 

A lot has changed in the past ten years.  I’ve had 2 handmade businesses (DuhBe and Ballyhoo Bath) and I’ve learned that your business is only as successful as you want it to be.  So I decided that I would embark on a trip to that lofty trade show called Creativation held by AFCI in Phoenix this month.  I’m doing it.

I’m going alone, I’m going without any plan, and I’m going to gobble up every bit of creative energy I can find because 2019 is going to be amazing.  I’m not hoping for an amazing year. I’m PLANNING on it.  Planning and doing is what makes things happen.  I’ll share more about my 2019 plans in a future post.  For this week I hope to capture lots of cool crafty goodness at Creativation on camera and video so I can share it on the blog later.


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