A new direction for 2019

It was bound to happen.

When I started crafting again in late 2018, I thought I would do a few craft shows to keep me busy. The maker bug bit me hard (again) and I loved making the dolls and candy and other gift items that did pretty well at the holiday craft fairs.

But I can’t keep making the same things over and over. I get bored. A new friend explained it to me like this… Once you start making and selling your handmade goods, you become a one-person factory. She hit the nail on the head. I don’t want to be a factory. I’m more of the research and development type of person. And I love sharing what I’ve learned.

I’m no wonder woman but I’ve learned much about myself in the last few years.

So I’m taking this Ballyhoo business in a different direction. Rather than making dolls to sell, I plan to make dolls and other things while filming the process and turning my projects into tutorials. This means I will be taking down the Ballyhoo Creations doll shop.

The new video channel will include plenty of research into methods, plus new tools and materials. I’ve always felt more like an artistic engineer than a crafter. I like to invent new ways to put things together. Now I can share those things with others. I have a few goals for these videos:

**video tutorials that are simple, fun and short

** how to source the best supplies

**tools of the trade for dollmaking, papercrafting, etc.

**stop hoarding and start using = doing more with less

**take a design and make it your own – how to personalize your craft

**self-discovery through crafting

We’ll see where it goes. I’ve got tons of ideas and no space to make stuff while my craft studio is being revamped. I’ll share a reveal of the new space as soon as I can.

All thoughts and questions are welcome. If there’s any of my work that you want to see as a video or blog tutorial – please let me know!!!

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